Jessica Cowan

2017 Spirits of Mexico Judge

Jessica COWAN
Seattle, WA

COMPANY: Tequila Connoisseur

INSTAGRAM: @TequilaWitch

Jessica’s experiences with tequila began, like many others, with shots of…something… on the dance floor. Fate intervened when a promotion in her early 20s found her looking for something special to celebrate with. A trusted bartender introduced her to ’42, and told her explicitly not to shoot it. It was love at first sip, and she’s been passionate about exploring and evangelizing the powers of tequila, and other agave based spirits, ever since. Jessica believes that tequila is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s an extra añejo for dessert, or an assertive blanco to celebrate the summit of a long hike. With over 200 ratings on Tequila Matchmaker, she’s always on the lookout for rare or new tequilas, which serves as a nice distraction from working on her doctorate degree in clinical psychology.


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